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Old Soldiers Never Die

So I wussed out and called Charles back.

The problem he's actually having is worth maybe five minutes of work convincing FrontPage to overwrite the existing files, or to erase their files from the web server, followed by an hour or two of upload time during which nodody has to be present. I offered to do this after work, since I'll have a few hours to kill between the end of my shift (4:30pm) and my evening plans (7:30-8pm), and since my commute home is 60-90 minutes, it's manifestly not worth going home.

However, what he wants is to be taught enough to be self-sufficient. This is perfectly reasonable, because he's still the only permanent staff in that office. He was muttering about getting more permanent help a year ago when skybaby19 and I were working for him as temps. The fact that he still doesn't really have any indicates either that the budget won't support it, or that nobody wants to work with him. From my position of relative familiarity, I'd have to say both are likely true.

Regardless, that is not something I'm willing or able to do, and I've told him as much, though focusing, for politeness' sake, on the demands school will make on my time. I'll tell him as many times as I have to until it sticks. I swear, it's like talking to a wall. He doesn't even want me to take the five minutes to fix the problem he originally called me about.

Whatever. I'm not going to worry about it. Got my first paycheque today (squee!), so I can catch up on all of my bills (finally!) and do some shopping. Later. Tonight, I get to meet doctorcomputer and the Goon Squad for drinks at the Elephant and Castle, followed by the 9:40pm showing of Snakes on a Plane. Dr. Daniel is having me over for dinner and discussion this weekend. My sister is going home in three days and I'll have the house to myself again. I am not allowed to feel stressed.