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Forget Jesus, what would Jaheira do?

I think that particular choice of role models might explain why my 13-year old neighbour, to the great amusement of his older sister (who'd snitched on him to me in finest older-sibling tradition) and friend, found himself being whacked about the head and shoulders with the cereal box he tried to sneak out of my apartment when returning chairs that his family had borrowed for a party. It probably looked more comical than anything else, but if I'd actually wanted to hurt him instead of look comical, I'd have gone for one of the canes. Ronald's a good kid, he just lets his stomach overrule conscience and common sense sometimes. We should relish this while it lasts. Soon enough, the rebel headquarters will evacuate and move to a lower (though, paradoxically, less secure) location. May God help us all.

I rather dropped off the radar this weekend.

I wish I could say I'd spent it watching theatre at the Fringe Festival (which I had thought of, but, due to grocery shopping, temporarily couldn't afford anyway), or cleaning up after my sister's departure (though I did do some of that), but really, I spent most of it completing chapters 3 through 6 of my current game of Baldur's Gate II, and cleaning up my installation of said game so that it didn't merely shatter under the weight of all my user mods. Yes, I do in fact need all those extra NPCs, dialogues, additional quests, RP enhancements, and rule tweaks. *blushes and hides*

Against all expectations, I still enjoy my job. I'm scared. Hold me. Please?

Part of it is that the work actually is largely interesting. Another part is that when it isn't, I'm not left to stew in my own boredom like I was at Ipsos, which helps keep me awake. When I'm bored, I zone out and fall asleep. Especially since I'm having a bit of trouble convincing myself that no, I'm not still on vacation, and can't stay up until 2:30 am on a regular basis anymore.

I have the Net at my fingertips as long as I'm not too blatant (for instance, I write these endless blog posts in Notepad and ninja-post them on LJ during spare moments). I finally have last.fm working, so I even have music, when I don't need to listen to respondents talk. Or I can talk to my generally relaxed and happy co-workers (surprisingly so, for an office full of professional Grammar Nazis) if they're similarly un-busy. Which is the best segue I am likely to get to the next topic on my mind and so shall be taken.

The jury is still out on whether the surfeit of attractive and intelligent female co-workers I have is going to be a blessing or a curse. To say nothing of the dramatically skewed gender ratio (which runs at about six or seven females for every male by my reckoning). The discussion seems to centre on whether looking in that direction was a good idea at all, or whether I could trust that I wouldn't simply be rebounding on anyone (which nobody deserves, especially not anyone likely to be in that situation to begin with).

However, these calm, reasoned deliberations were quite neatly short-circuited when Sonya, one such co-worker who I'd had rather a nice chat about music and writing with at last week's office potluck, unexpectedly popped out of the bathroom I was waiting to use. A relatively brief talk later, I distinctly remembered having asked her out for coffee. It may have just slipped out. I'll need to talk to Admiral Piett and General Veers. Somebody needs to be reminded who's in charge here.

In any case, though Friday is out as she may be moving this week (she lives near Whyte and, like doctorcomputer, hates the noise this can usually mean, so I can appreciate the hurry), I'm told she'll get back to me about a more agreeable day. Which is either far, far better than "no", or simply a more polite-sounding "no". Having had experience with both, I'll call them both good news (the latter as an early warning signal that it wouldn't have worked anyway). Either way, the ball's in her court.

Probably for the best anyway. celarus and I are supposed to go out for an evening out before classes start.

Oh, Gods above, classes start next week.



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Aug. 28th, 2006 08:45 pm (UTC)
Go have coffee or pizza or whatever date-like things you dream up. One coffee date is hardly putting you in a relationship and it might help you figure out if you're rebounding or not. Or you could always go as a group somewhere. By which I don't necessarily mean you and the 6 or 7 women. That might be just a little odd looking though you'd probably enjoy it.
Aug. 28th, 2006 09:07 pm (UTC)
That was more or less the conclusion come to at the emergency "yikes, we just took events out of our own hands" jury session.

Again, probably for the best. I have a habit (okay, okay, call it a bloody pathology) of second-guessing myself into total inaction. Looks like I'm subconsciously getting sick of it.

Aug. 28th, 2006 09:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks, by the way, for the advice.

Leaving things out is the first hazard of corporate LJing.

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