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Old Code Never Dies

...and lacks even the common decency to fade away.

About fifteen months ago, vlosk and I wrote a basic little inventory-management program in C++/.NET for his mother's then-employer. We installed it there, demoed it for him, it worked, they paid us, and we left. It later turned out that they weren't using it for some reason that I can't remember, possibly having something to do with their bizarre and outdated setup.

Fast-forward to this morning at work - I get an email with the subject "Program error for InvTrend". This only added to the general what-the-fuckery previously commented upon today. Apparently, having upgraded their computers and brought in an IT guy to set it up, they're now trying to install our program. This pleases me. The fact that it doesn't work is distinctly non-pleasing. The fact that it seems not to work only on the user account of the intended user is even more non-pleasing, but seems to point towards a solution and so is not all bad. I've wrapped up my findings in an email and sent it to them. Hopefully I'll be vindicated in the morning. "See? My code was flawless. It's your setup that's to blame." Only in, you know, less suicidal terms. :D

Still, looking through the source for that project was actually fun in a demented sort of way, reminiscing about the state of mind that led me to code comments like "Commented out for test of new sorting algorithm. Okay, okay, sorting hack." In retrospect, though, I should have known that I wasn't best-suited as a programmer. I can't remember a single app I've written for fun, for my own use, or just to learn or practice. It was always school or work. However good I might have been, I didn't want it.

Ah, well. Lessons learned.