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Probably way too much information...

I went to see my GP yesterday for the first time in four years, mainly because a rather unsightly wound that had been hiding beneath a callus on my right foot (my bad leg, to the extent that I actually have a good leg) had decided to break out of its prison and menace the surrounding area. It's actually better now than it was when I made the appointment (for one, it's drained all the trapped blood in perversely amusing fashion, and isn't bleeding anymore), so I was prescribed a course of antibiotics and given another appointment in a week.

Everyone should pay for their own prescriptions at least once. It's very eye-opening. At least mine was only for antibiotics, as opposed. I'd forgotten that I wasn't, as far as I can tell, under my mother's Blue Cross drug coverage anymore, since I haven't needed any prescription drugs in some staggering number of years (especially considering my general state of health). Assuming said coverage is even still active. Interestingly enough, I had on Monday, for no immediately compelling reason (I didn't need that much spending money for the four days until payday) transferred money from my mother's bank account here in exactly the amount needed to fill said prescription. 'Tis just the tiniest bit eerie.

In largely better news, I would appear to have either maintained or gained weight over the past year or two. I'm still a stick, mind - tipped the scales at 126lbs yesterday. But that was 120 last year. So I guess I'm not in danger of starving to death anytime soon. Good news.