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"It's just water, not acid."

So. I got my wish, didn't I? Eventually. *wry smile* Been raining for the past two days straight. I love being out in this weather, to the extent that I love being out in any weather, but waking up in the morning to a relentlessly grey sky just makes me want to stay home. I guess I can't entirely counteract my instrincts. :)

Am I the only one who, hearing about Advanced Ed Minister Denis Herard saying "I’m trying to make major changes to our student loan program, but I’m tied to a bunch of federal regulations.", automatically translates it to "We're planning to screw you all over even harder as soon as we get out from under the thumb of those nasty feds"?

iTunes 7 is oh so pretty. I'm fairly sure I didn't need any of the new features, but it's oh so pretty.

I have taken to attempting to photograph the urban wildlife I occasionally run into with my cell phone camera. I don't think it's really best-suited for such pursuits (or really, for much in the way of photography at all), but I have the thing so I may as well use it.

My stuff hasn't arrived yet. Boo.

Loved this week's House. It's so rare that anyone gets an opportunity to use their "scaring-children" powers for good instead of evil. :D




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Sep. 17th, 2006 02:55 am (UTC)
I translated it is "We'd like to do something, but, oh, we can't because the Federal government won't let us. They're the bad guys, not us!"

It would be nice if they lowered tuition, and lets face it, it makes sense, espeically if they are planning on "forgiving" loans if/when you get your degree. Also, they reeeeally need to redo the loan regulations, as far as who can have one and who can't, because quite frankly, those of us in the middle class get royally screwed over.
Sep. 17th, 2006 08:59 am (UTC)
I translated it is "We'd like to do something, but, oh, we can't because the Federal government won't let us. They're the bad guys, not us!"

"Blame the feds" has, admittedly, been the Klein government's modus operandi since I was a cynical elementary-school student (and I was, ask anyone!). I can't blame him. Resurrecting the ghosts of Trudeau and the NEP works depressingly well here.

Ideally, tuition needs to be lowered through restoring funding to advanced education. I'm not sure why bizarre loan remission schemes are to be prefered to this (though I have my suspicions, of course).

Barring that, Students Finance does need to be a bit more realistic in what it expects out of families and students, yes. I remember a Journal article once in which several people tried to live on the maximum month-to-month living allowance. It was, shall we say, not pretty. I doubt I could do it if I wasn't more-or-less living here rent-free.

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