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Today's schedule:

Finish the exercise poem that was due yesterday at some point today. (The presentation poem is already done. I'll post it later.)

US Politics class (still fun as all hell) at 10.

Canadian politics seminar (which I'm not prepared for because I haven't done the reading because my textbook is sitting at the post office, and I can't really pick it up until tomorrow morning) at 1.

Orthotist appointment (I need a new leg brace) at 4.

Possibly meeting some old middle-school friends at the Black Dog tonight for Ryan's going-away party. At 9:30. (Yay for facebook - would never have heard of it if not for them). I'm also supposed to meet doctorcomputer, megami_no_ushi, and their friend Joyce at the Remedy Cafe tomorrow.

Am I seriously going out two nights in a row? What happened to me? :D

I am only on the borderline of being well enough to do all of this. I just wish that the selection of activities which made the most sense to me (that is, finish the poem, go back to sleep, go to the orthotist and maybe the party) and the selection of activities which appeased my conscience were the same.