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I decided, in the end, to post the syllabic meter exercise Stormbringer

Struggle alone against the universe,
Even your weapon is a nemesis.
Sailor adrift on the sea of your fate,
Strife and disaster follow in your wake.

White as easy death, black as foul murder,
A battleground between polar extremes.
The price you pay for every new day,
Is exacted in ev'ry night's dreams.

I won't deny it's a bit forced (frankly, all of my meter and form exercises are going to be forced), but I don't mind it anyway.

The porem to present to Monday's class (though it probably won't be gotten to) is titled Requiem Renewal

Alas, my Erato, my wounded Muse.
Alas for your crown, once glorious in bloom.
Weep for the petals of miniature hearts,
Now stolen and scattered by merciless wind.

Alas, Erato, your ivory brow.
Alas for the weight of thorns it bears now.
Shed the carnelian tears of your loss,
Scars of a struggle that no one could win.

Be calm, Erato, and know I still serve.
Our parting, a punishment neither earned.
Remember the wonders we wrought as one,
And call my spirit, thereby to your side.

Arise, Erato of numinous fire.
Retake the soul your touch kindled to flame.
Don the mask of your cypress-clad sister.
If Erato must fade, be my Melpomene.

And now I am going back to bed.