Dallan Lantagil, Invictus (paleshadow) wrote,
Dallan Lantagil, Invictus

This isn't even my country and I'm pissed off.

Sancta Sophia, this is insane. Let's be blunt. If you don't think a bill before you is constitutional, you don't vote for it.

Most of Congress is trying to have it both ways - look "tough on terror" to the electorate while knowing, or thinking they know, that they're not actually giving the executive branch this ludicrously excessive power because of course the Supreme Court is going to overturn it.

Then, when Supreme Court vacancies come up and Bush cherry-picks judges who agree with his bizarre interpretation of the constitutional Commander-in-Chief power, the Senate wastes weeks asking, one blowhard after another, "What are your thoughts on yaoi abortion?" Meanwhile, the question of whether, you know, they think the Magna Carta is just a goddamned piece of paper is blithely ignored.

Somebody hasn't thought their cunning plan all the way through.

Tags: america, opinion, politics, rant

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