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Apocalypse Now

Consider yourselves lucky I changed the title from the original idea. Vastly TMI.

This morning I would have killed for a massage. This afternoon, after my stomach had chosen one of the worst possible times and places to heave up the excuse for a breakfast I'd had (which is to say, in the middle of the Business building during class change), I'd have killed for a massage, some stomach medicine, and a warm bed. Unfortunately, I was still at school, and getting home required a series of barely-survived trudges through blowing snow and -25C weather. And also missing a class that I had actually wanted to attend, after I'd largely dealt with last week's malaise. Joy.

Luckily, my housemate's visiting daughter offered up some stomach medicine, ginger ale, and lemon relief drink. Unluckily, I'm still suffering from disaster-level stomach flu, and have slept most of the evening that I haven't spent in the bathroom. I'll stay home tomorrow and see if it helps.

And my shoulders, of course, still hurt. Goddamn it.