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The Brooklyn Museum of Whatever

That was all the information Ral passed on from Mom to try and identify the location of an exhibit she'd seen on TV. The women of my family have memories like sieves. There are times when I envy them for it.

In any case, I did end up finding it after prising some details about the exhibits from Mom, and we went to see the Brooklyn Museum's Art of Africa and Magic of Egypt exhibits yesterday, along with assorted other items. Mom borrowed a van and a wheelchair from her chiropractor employer to make the whole thing less of an ordeal for me, and spent the Africa exhibit reminiscing and the Egypt exhibit gaping. Admittedly, there was a lot of gaping from all of us. I took rather a lot of pictures of particularly awesome pieces, but I can't post them until I get home Friday afternoon.

I'm something of a terrible tourist, to be honest. I take trips to see people, not places. But I'm glad I saw this place.

Happy 2007 to come, everyone. I'm sure I'll post some sort of retrospective in due course.