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One Day We Will All Fly Naked

So I got home more or less on time today.


Watching The Queen on the inflight video-on-demand system. If you're flying Air Canada in the near future, hope you get on an Embraer 190. Being able to choose your own inflight entertainment from a fairly decent selection of movies and TV shows for free is frankly awesome. That said, there are either still a few kinks in the system, or our particular plane was a tad wonky.

For The Queen in particular, I was especially struck by how well they integrated what I assumed wa sstock footage from the media around the time of Diana's death with the movie itself. I was also pleased with the acting in general, though the movie seems to be a tad too kind to Tony Blair most of the time. But largely, I liked it.

The Departed was also a choice in the list - they even showed it uncut, which was especially unexpected after somebody blanked out the two mentions of "God" as in "Thank God for..." from The Queen. Ze logic, she is missink!


Somebody didn't pass on my request for a wheelchair to the ground staff in Calgary, which made an already messy connection (I had about an hour to get my luggage, clear Customs, check my luggage again, clear security again, and make my flight) even worse. I did, in fact manage to make it, but nearly killed myself doing so. *wry smile*

As a side effect of this, my luggage once again decided to hang out somewhere without me. I'm not even going to ask. On the bright side, it's just been recovered and brought home, so I'm going to go to bed now. Night!




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Jan. 7th, 2007 12:30 am (UTC)
Welcome home, sweets.

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