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So it seems that myself and entire legions of my acquaintances have come down with a spot of some kind of plague this week. I'm glad I at least survived my US Foreign Policy presentation Wednesday before my right eye swelled closed. Thankfully, the doctors at the Health Centre and their antibiotics were my friends. I should be fine by Monday, which is good because I actually want to start attending my 220 lectures next week. *laughs*

It's vaguely disconcerting that this time next year, I'll either be in law school (not in Toronto, I got the rejection letter from them last week), gainfully employed in a Real Job™, or...panicking even more than usual, which is plenty. It's been a long road, and quite frankly some of the curves on it surprised even me. But the end is in sight. Or an end, anyway. I still don't care whether or not I get into a law program. I'll be happy either way, it's my mother who most eagerly wants me to have the extra post-nominals.

Bleh. 2-3 more hours to stay up so I can help escort our convoy out into deep space to establish ourselves a base there. I'd bitch about the corp having so many Euros that have no problem being awake for just after the maintenance downtime, but quite frankly the odds are I'd have been up anyway, and working together is more or less a necessity in 0.0, because God knows the people out to shoot you will be.


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