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Decisions Made Easier

Two rejections now (Ottawa and Toronto), and one school that I have belatedly realised that I really don't want to go to (Queens, mainly because of its location). That's Ontario done for.

At least now I have a firm order of preference, even if simply among two. :D

I didn't manage to endure the wait until my Supreme Commander preorder arrived, but since some of you are asking, the copy I found does in fact work, and I've been working my way through the Aeon campaign, about which I won't comment except to say that I am enjoying it. Even if the Choir (Aeon Command) can get annoying when they think I'm taking too long to accomplish my objectives. I'm just a Powell Doctrine commander at heart - I'll attack with far more force than I actually need. Doesn't work in skirmishes/MP because people are actually serious about their harassment attacks in that venue.