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Tales From New Eden

EVE is...epic as always. I'd cut this for length (as I know a large number of you couldn't care less), but I'd rather force doctorcomputer and vlosk to scroll their way through this. I've already hooked celarus, so I may as well go for more. :D

This week, though, it's largely made the news for the revelation that a certain developer had admitted to cheating to help the alliance his player character was in (Band of Brothers, for the record). The details of this incident suggest that the help BOB got was relatively minor in comparison to their already known abilities and resources, so I'm not overly concerned by it, and I doubt I would be even if I was presently fighting them. (I'm not, but most of the rest of conquerable space is at this point. )

I think that such is a risk you can't escape when the devs play a game like this where everything matters on a larger scale, but that it's absolutely necessary for the devs to play the game along with the rest of us and get a feel for what we go through, and the occasional cheat is a small price to pay. More concerning is that the incident occured a year ago, and wasn't rectified or publicly addressed until a hacker dug up the details while breaking into BoB's forums. I will just have to hope that the changes made to their internal affairs process will keep such from repeating itself. Their PR handling of the situation has frankly been atrocious, but I suppose the transition from a bunch of hobbyists making a game they themselves would want to play, to a major corporation running a game for tens of thousands of players, isn't an easy one.

But enough about that.

I was going to make a long, detailed post about the massive war between all four major 0.0 power blocs (The Northern Coalition and the RedSwarm Federation on one side, against Lotka Volterra and Band of Brothers on the other, with assorted supporting cast) that's kicked off this week, but Eve Tribune has done it for me. Instead, I'll simply gush about the Endor scenario that's been rather neatly set up for later today.

Goonfleet has had (for the past couple of weeks, to my understanding) intelligence of unknown reliability that suggests Lotka Volterra is building a second titan at a station in the Detorid region, but that it's two weeks away from completion (as of today). ("Many bees died to bring us this information.", I suppose.). They've already had a chance to destroy said station, but there was a ridiculously large number of enemy in system that made them go around it instead and rampage through LV's other regions. Another such chance is coming up today, after LV came up mysteriously short on the capital shipyard's shield fuel.

The almost Mon Mothma-esque response from "die slow" on the SA public forum thread:
"For those of you following this war at home, this evening we have set the stage for what will possibly be the single biggest battle in EVE history. Earlier today allied forces entered JV1V and attacked LV's capital shipyards which will be coming out of reinforced mode tomorrow. After the shipyards leave reinforced mode it will be possible to destroy them. What makes things interesting is the fact that those shipyards are currently constructing a second Titan for LV. Upon the destruction of the shipyards the titan under construction will be destroyed along with all the minerals needed for titan construction. Destruction of the shipyards and the baby titan would cost LV over a hundred billion in ISK. We are expecting the presence of three enemy titans, multiple motherships, dozens of dreadnaughts, numerous carriers, and hundreds of battleships/cruisers/etc.

We realize this may be a trap, but the prospect of destroying a titan prior to its completion is worth the risk."

The best response: "How can this possibly not be a trap?" I'll be eagerly waiting to hear what happens.

ETA: What happened was - lots of lag and node crashes, but the attackers managed to wipe the shipyard. There was no "fully operational Titan" surprise, but there were upwards of 400 defending ships, against which the Redswarm brought about 800. No surprise the server melted despite CCP's best efforts. Kind of a shame, though.

For myself, my corp has moved out to 0.0 as part of our CEO's desired hiatus from the RP scene (after the anarchists and terrorists I mentioned in my last EVE post mostly dismantled Cyrene, he's kind of burned out on trying to play as a Federation supporter with the ever-present threat of being stomped in utero, so we're moving out to grow some resources and accustom ourselves to the combative mindset), but our choice to ally with one of the regional warlords instead of trying to go it alone or work with another Federalist corp has caused some amount of drama with our other allies back in the Federation. Quite frankly most 0.0 groups are indistinguishable from pirates, and we're taking some flak from more lawful groups about working with them. My character's going through a bit of a moral dilemma about it, because he'd frankly rather not be in a position to shoot neutrals, but will likely stay with them for now. I may even get some character development out of the whole mess. :D

In the meantime, I've had to do a lot of talking in the past few days, both to negotiate signing up with the alliance and to attempt to defuse the situation back home. Time will tell how successful this is, or, hell, if we ever go back to our role as a group of armed Federation partisans.



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Feb. 15th, 2007 05:00 pm (UTC)
Jon's Statecorp group are considering becoming their own alliance. They've staked out a wee bit of territory (surrounded by BoB) and even appear on the map now. They split from the last alliance they were in a few months back and have basically just being going it alone - and doing quite well for a small group of about 15-16 regulars.
Feb. 16th, 2007 09:52 am (UTC)
I didn't see them on the new map - maybe I should look harder. :D Still, good for them. They've been around a fair while, as I understand it.

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