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The problem with ambling down Memory Lane is that some jackass has apparently seeded it with landmines.

It isn't as if I actually have time to be reminiscing these days, regardless of my subconscious' claims to the contrary. Busy weekend ahead, what with the new people moving in, the term paper due Tuesday, the story and essays due the following Tuesday, and the much, much larger term paper due the following week. Not to mention finals. Not to mention them at all. I suspect that I won't leave my house except for school for the next month.

Well, except for summer job interviews. I have one Monday at a Service Canada office in the West End - let's hope that last year's nightmare job search doesn't repeat itself. I will definitely need the money. I've barely even thought about planning the move. It'll be pretty much the largest undertaking I've had to handle.

Still haven't heard back from UBC. I'm torn on whether I should email them to check what's up, or continue to wait for Canada Post and the usual run of matters. I think, though, that it's clear which school I want to go to. What isn't clear is which school I should go to, based on reasons more...justifiable, I suppose, than weather or existing social connections. I have a sinking feeling that the two answers will be different, and whichever way I turn will thereby end in me resenting myself. It would almost be better if they rejected me so I could at least claim the choice wasn't in my hands. Which is why I'm almost certain I'll be accepted. It's become abundantly clear that my life was never intended to be simple.

Enough of this. I should sleep. This afternoon's nap did wonders for me.