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...the snow was the one thing I heard yesterday that wasn't an April Fool's joke. I think the thing I'm dreading most about Ottawa is that its climate will be just as bad as here, except maybe without all the sucky infrastructure that Albertans' apparently fatal allergy to taxes gets us.

I went out for my job interview today with no jacket (it was only about -5 to-10C) because by the time I realised it wasn't as warm as it was on Friday, it was too late to go in, get my jacket, and still make my bus. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but I'll live. Unless the cut on my hand from slipping in the Meadowlark parking lot develops into something bizarre. The interview, on the other hand, went well enough. I think I tripped over my own tongue a couple too many times for my liking, but I answered all the questions and didn't make a fool of myself.

Meadowlark Mall, incidentally, is a strange and eerie place with more doctors' offices than actual stores, which is the only way I guess it could survive so close to WEM, as opposed to dying slowly and painfully like Heritage did. I was kind of curious about that before I went there today - I don't know the West End very well at all. I suspect that if I get the job I won't take the chance to do so either. The entire area creeps me out for some vague and inexplicable reason.

Apropos of nothing (well, nothing important or interesting), Ariadne (or, I suppose, one of its Latinate derivatives like Ariane or Ariana) is a beautiful name and more women should have it. On the off chance I ever reproduce, I shall have to do my part in that regard.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled nightmare term paper, already in progress.