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Now You Will Breathe And Understand

I think the best thing about moving out of here will be not having to put up with all the goddamned drama involved in dealing with tenants (though I suppose it will be replaced with all the goddamned drama involved in dealing with roommates). I've just answered another ALL-CAPS SUBJECTED email from the recently departed tenant about the loose ends that remain to be tied. I might wish to have written the below as a reply, but even the reply I did write was probably a little more sarcastic than it should have been. Just a little. Really.

Asking me to leave the mail that was arriving for you upstairs so you could drop in and pick it up, and then turning around and complaining that I was walking around upstairs before the move-out inspection (that would have taken place a week ago if you hadn't forgotten that cleaned carpets need a day to set?)? I know the situation is frustrating, and the person we have helping with this lives by the infamous "African Time", but when you're refusing to talk to the people you're actually supposed to talk to in a fit of pique (admittedly, the reverse is also true), taking it out on the poor guy stuck in the middle is hardly the sort of example you want to be setting for we in the younger generation.

Here. Have your deposit. The house is fine, I'm sure Mom will agree, and quite frankly I'm as sick of this as you are.