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Feeling much better. Went to vlosk's parents' place for Easter dinner. Was congratulated over the Ottawa thing, quite thoroughly fed (as always, by them!), had an excellent time with Andy, Jen, and their various relatives, and scored a generous haul of leftovers. I most definitely cannot complain. Except possibly about the terrible run of luck that managed to lose me the Risk game even after I'd snagged a 35-army card turnin by the skin of my teeth (if I'd lost one more army, or Chris had rolled anything but a one on his last stand, Nathaniel would have taken him out, gotten his cards and 75 armies worth of turnins, and ended the game about an hour earlier).

On the other hand, given the luck I'd been having with defending dice throughout the game, I suppose I can't even complain about that. It was definitely fun to play and watch, especially when it came down to the turning points, even (especially?) if Andy's family plays Risk like it was Diplomacy. ;)

Now, tomorrow I need to get a good start on the paper and/or the story revisions and accompanying short essays. If I'm sufficiently productive over the next few days, I can go meet and catch up with Natasha next weekend without guilt or panic. If that isn't sufficient motivation, I don't deserve to graduate.

Happy Chocolate Bunny Genocide Day!


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Apr. 9th, 2007 03:11 am (UTC)
Risk, you say?

Check out www.conquerclub.com

That is all.
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