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The weekend was pretty good on the whole. Andrew's party at Likwid Lounge went nicely, except perhaps as the night wore on and the crazed monkeys got control of the volume knob on the stereo. For a minute I thought I was in Suburbs. :D

Andy (vlosk) 's friend/co-worker from Las Vegas joined us - it was good to finally meet him, and chat over good food and drink (mostly pitchers of beer, if only because it was easier for all involved, heh.) Tommy had some family event and couldn't make it, Mike was working, etc, etc. I'm glad it went off well. It'll probably be the last time celarus sees me here...especailly if he gets that full-time position in January that he was hinting at.

As for the Lounge...I like the place, better than I do its downstairs neighbour (which is a fair bit, and would be more if I weren't crippled). I didn't really have a favourite haunt during my college years, but this could have been it had things fallen out differently. Still, don't people talk at bars anymore? I can't imagine having a conversation with the ambient volume that high. It's not as if there was room to dance up there, so why crank the tunes? Not that the music was bad, just....it is a mystery.

Hopefully, living in a more central location in Ottawa (precisely which more central location hasn't been determined yet...but that's another post) will leave me able to go out more often, and maybe find a place that suits me. (everybody already knows my name, so I'm not worried on that score. :D). I'm not really that antisocial, honest. But it's only been recently that I grew to think that having a social life was worth the galactic levels of inconvenience it involved while I wasn't able to choose where I lived or access reliable transport. (I'm less hopeful that I'll be able to balance social life with law school, to be honest. Stories I've heard, and all that. rumor_esq's managed to stay sane, though. For certain definitions of the term. We shall simply have to see.)

Unlike Nathan, I think I was after social growth as much as intellectual growth from university. It couldn't help but happen, but it's a good thing to see so much difference between the self I knew and the self I am.



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Jun. 6th, 2007 01:25 pm (UTC)
I completely agree about the volume of music in bars. I doesn't make much sense.
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