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What's The Opposite of Serendipity?

If Monday didn't exist, it would have to be invented.

I like the job, I like the co-workers (even though I'm kind of socially distant from them most of the time) and I certainly like the money, but it still feels like it's eating my life like an ouroboros on a meth high.

I blame the commute. The morning isn't bad at all, since I start early enough for there to be not many other people out (which helps me in two completely separate ways!), but in the afternoon, with traffic and the hassles inherent to taking DATS...by the time I get home and unwind, it's too late to actually do anything before I should be in bed so I can make my ridiculously early wakeup the next day. For instance, I should really be in bed now.

Edit to add, next morning: Adding insult to injury, I woke up half an hour before my alarm, for no good reason that I can tell. I suppose I'll have plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead.

Redo from start.

I''m really not sure what the answer is. I actually think the first step is cancelling the DATS rides in the afternoon (when I can - I'm not sure if the six week length minimum for subscription trips is up yet) and just taking the bus home. Really, when you factor in having to schedule pickups at a specific time regardless of whether I'm out early (and the fact that anything from the downtown traffic to the number of people they have to get to hilarious organisational snafus will make said pickups late anyway), the three or four other people in the vehicle that will always get dropped off first because, of course, I live in the middle of fucking nowhere, and outbound rush hour traffic, the whole "door to door"thing really doesn't save me much time or even all that much walking (since my bus stop is across the street anyway) in the afternoons.

Today's story, beneath the cut, is a case in point, and additionally contains plenty of hilarious mishaps for you all to laugh at.

My pickup was scheduled for 4:15 as usual. Because they got me there early in the morning, (and because I worked through my afternoon coffee break - by the time I remembered to take it, I'd really have rather just gone home early. So I did.), I got out at 3:35 or so. No worries - by the time I got food and got out of the building, it was 10 to 4 - not that long to wait. It was nice outside, and I got a nice-ish pic of a bird perching about three feet from my left hand. I'm absolutely mad for photographing wildlife in the city for some reason. Possibly just to prove it exists.

By about 4:30, I figured I should call the dispatcher and check how long it'd be. 4:30 is actually a pretty usual time - they tell you to watch for them within 30 minutes of the scheduled time, so I normally don't think to call until 4:45.

The "new voicemail" indicator on my cell comes up while I'm on hold for five minutes. I figure I'll get it when I'm done, though I find it odd that the call itself didn't come through (if it had, I'd have gotten a ring or a chance to switch over to it). When I get the dispatcher, I'm told that the call was the driver trying to check if I was ready, because he was there waiting for me and had been for a few minutes, but since I hadn't answered (because the call hadn't come through, or because I was on hold waiting for his dispatcher, or because Rogers Wireless just hates me, who knows), he'd left.

This takes some explanation, though not very much. Canada Place is a rather large building, and has five entrances at least. I normally wait at the north door, on 102 Avenue (the only door on 102 Avenue - there are two on 97 St, one on Jasper, and one on Shoctor Alley/101A Ave). Despite the fact that a) the north door is actually the designated loading zone for the building (three other vehicles had showed up for other people while I was waiting, and there's even a sign), and b) there's actually a specific note on my trips saying that I'm at the 102 Avenue door, and there's only one door to the building that's actually on that street, the driver had gone to another door, probably to pick up this guy who leaves around the same time as I do, but the northeast door on 97 St, around the corner from mine and about half a block south. I don't really begrudge him that - he's on crutches and walks even more awkwardly than I do - but it often makes this a royal pain, since they'll go to a door I'm not expecting them at, pick him up, wait five minutes for me when I'm a block's walk away and don't know they're there, then leave.

This isn't the first time this has happened (not even just here - I remember some memorable night I was on campus late and the driver couldn't find their own designated entrance to the Humanities Centre), and it always leaves me scratching my head. and trying my best not to snap at the poor person on the phone What exactly is the point of having these notes and such if nobody pays attention? (I'll note that it has happened in reverse, and in that case, I told the driver "Oh, there's this guy who comes out at one of the other doors, it's probably him you're waiting for, why not go there?"). I'm not sure how well I managed to stay calm, but when she asked if I wanted them to send another, I decided just to take the bus. I had a parcel to pick up, and my local post office is on the bus route, so I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone. And even with the wait before leaving, and the half hour delay to pick up the package, I was still home around the same time DATS would have gotten me back.

Incidentally, how the hell do you pronounce "Sztabzyb"? I was so glad when the problem with that person's address turned out to be a typo (well, sort of - their post office has a really long name, and whoever input the address tried to fit it and their box number all on one line, ran into the single-field length limit two characters short of fitting it all in, and didn't notice), because I'd have hated trying to call the woman and butcher her name. I thought mine was bad, but at least it's over 50% vowels.

Okay, bed now.



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Jun. 12th, 2007 04:27 pm (UTC)
I like the ouroboros simile... its in many ways all too familiar [esspecially the part about getting home in time to sleep and wake up tomorrow] though thankfully I can't really complain too much about my job.

The transporation issue sucks though...

Look on the brightside; in a handful of months, you'll be a student again, slacking blissfully ;)
( Walk in the shadow — Cast a shadow )