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Good News and Bad News

So. Posting to LJ by email works. Flawlessly, even. Good to know.

OTOH, the new version of Last.fm doesn't like Vista (or, more specifically, doesn't like UAC - then again, what does?) and is asking for admin privileges on startup, and on startup of anything that uses it. Which breaks my alarm clock setup quite soundly. I'm glad I figured this out the easy way (as in, I turned my cell phone alarm on on a whim, it woke me up, and I was wondering where the tunes were) and not the hard way (as in, sleeping in, showing up hours late to work, and braving Madeleine's disappointed grandmother stare. :D)

So I've gone back to the old version until I can figure out why it wants admin and how I can tell it to get used to disappointment.