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I know too many people from the southern US to expect this to elicit any sympathy whatsoever, but any of you who ever wanted to trade for my shoveling-coal-into-the-Titanic metabolism should probably note the last few days of my experience (well, aside from working in a climate-controlled office), as a point against it. :P I really suffer in the heat, and it's mostly to blame.

Yesterday was the first time the daytime high's been below 30C in nearly a week, though at least it rained late Saturday night and has been a little more cloudy since. Despite my tentative plans to sneak into another UACS event and hang out until they realised I couldn't quote the codename of the latest Ubuntu release and chased me from the venue with a hail of stones, Saturday was mostly too hot for me to wear much of anything all day, let alone a suit.

Subsequently, I spent most of the weekend roleplaying on Blood of Dragons and playing this very well done fantasy mod for Civ 4 called Fall from Heaven. It feels and plays a lot like Master of Magic would if it had been based off Civ 4 instead of Civ 1. Except, sadly, for not having tactical combat, but that was obviously unavoidable. Not that I'll complain, I suppose. If a Civ game ever came out with a MoM/MoO-esque tactical combat system to make wars slightly less tedious (my longtime pet-peeve with Civ games, but probably just a matter of different strokes), I very much doubt I'd play anything else, ever. It's addictive enough as it is.

The mod is a lovely, spectacular thing, from haunting, atmospheric music, to druids striding through my lands planting forests in their wake, to the flaming, hellish terrain of my evil neighbour ligthing things across the border on fire, to tons of spells both beneficial and...less so, to a variety of civs and religions both cliched (light and dark elves, dwarves) and less so (fanatics out to end the world, angelic and demonic civs that can be summoned ingame by building Wonders, and then taken over by the player) - all with significant gameplay differences, to the Armageddon Counter, which is a very creative (and maddening) gameplay mechanic which triggers various effects as the game goes on, wars get more violent, and evil gets more powerful in the world. I managed to win this weekend's game before the counter got much above 40 (the counter tops out at 100, where an effect called "Apocalypse" triggers - gods only know what havoc it wreaks, considering that the Blight effect at 40 wipes oiut every farm, camp, pasture, and plantation on the map, turns a quarter of plains to deserts, and kills off a fair number of food resources).

There's nothing like the sheer cackling glee one can get when your plan goes off without a hitch and you wipe out the demon civ in a single-turn surprise attack (their only city was two spaces from the border with one of my allies, and my Archmages' Meteior Swarm spells had a three space range. Hilarity ensued.). I actually killed both the summoned civs that game, because one of the Good civs (the Malakim, desert-dwelling religious humans) I was allied with backstabbed me while I was fighting the dark elves (probably because I was Neutral and following the wrong religion - i.e, not his), and I took it...rather badly.

As in, bribe Faeryl Viconia for a temporary peace, turn on the Malakim traitors, conquer half their lands, just barely fail to stop them from summoning the angel civ (I had wanted to myself, because they're an unbreakable ally to the person who does, and they could have used the territory I didn't want to manage myself), feed the angelic host a diet of tasty fireballs instead, finish conquering both the Malakim and the dark elves, and then build the Genesis wonder to turn their precious deserts to forested grasslands - admittedly, this was useful to me for obvious reasons, but spite made it extra delicious, since razing both their empries utterly would have been a bad idea - razing cities adds to the Armageddon counter - though razing evil cities removes some from it - and I hit Blight when I burned some of Viconia's cities (they had a religion I didn't want spreading) as it stood.

But I'm babbling. Go play it already. :P


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Jul. 17th, 2007 11:51 pm (UTC)
At least you didn't get to work outside in 35C+ weather without a single cloud in the sky. Not even any little wussy ones.
Jul. 19th, 2007 05:52 am (UTC)
Yay for airconditioning!

... though things do get a bit toasty with lots of bodies, computers, and some lackluster duct-work :(
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