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A Winner Is You

So, last day at work, though leaving this early has turned out not to be necessary. Still, I went right from "my last final exam and the Paper of Doom" to "wake up at 5:30 AM for work" with about three days in between. Colossally ill-advised, but I needed the money. And now I need a break. Funny how that works. I will endeavour not to jump for joy. Not being able to jump rather helps with that.

Speaking of joy, though - who wants to go see Stardust with me this weekend? I've been looking forward to this flick for months, especially since the novel introduced me to Neil Gaiman, who is now one of the few people of whom I can genuinely call myself a fanboy.

As an aside, you have to know that Nintendo is doing something right for its bottom line when my 52-year old mother asks me for a DS for her birthday so she can play Brain Age. The role reversal is kind of jarring, but, really, I'm just happy she doesn't want a Wii, because I suspect I'd still have better luck chasing down a fallen star.



Aug. 8th, 2007 07:10 pm (UTC)
I bought a DS so that i could play Brain Age. I'm not quite as old as your mum, but not that far off...