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Blood Will Not Be Necessary, Thank You

Back when I said Sam and I had planned to go apartment-hunting for the fall, I hadn't banked on an interesting series of events and realisations that have conspired to push that timetable up a bit, ranging from "moving in the fall along with the thousands of other students looking for housing is going to be a pain", to "moving out while your uber-traditional grandmother is visiting is going to cause shitloads of drama" (because in our culture you're not supposed to leave your parents' house until you marry, to say nothing of what she'd think about moving in with a girlfriend as opposed to say, moving to be closer to school (which is my story for her, and I'm sticking to it.)

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that we'll be getting that apartment in May (the 15th) instead of in August. We actually went and signed the lease on a place the other day, at the Citadel on Lees Avenue. Lots closer to downtown and school (well, my school - it's not that much closer to hers), aside from all its other advantages.

We're both looking forward to this with a fair bit more enthusiasm than is probably healthy, but there you go. I know I never quite settled back into living at home after my mother came back. It will be....calming to have a measure of my independence back.
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