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My last exam was on Tuesday. I'm not sure why I'm just writing this now, except perhaps that I've been allergic to writing anything for the past several days. I'm sure the students among you understand.

All in all, I'd say this year was the usual mixed bag. I definitely enjoy law school, and, barring a pair of unpleasant spots, I did pretty well. I'm still not at all certain what happened on my Constitutional exam in December, except perhaps that I simply had no clue how to write a law school exam, and it was just my bad luck that the first one I had was a 100% final.

As for Public Law (I haven't gotten the mark back, but I'm sure it will be terrible), it just got caught up in the bizarre switch of interests that happened this year.  I hadn't expected either to like criminal law so much or to despise public law so much, given my prior history....but there we are, seeing once again what a good teacher or a bad one can do for any given class. I don't know how enduring either of these will be - I really don't see myself as a prosecutor or defense attorney, regardless of how much I like the material, and the fact that we learned next to nothing in our public law class means that the jury is actually still out. :D

But enough about school. I have, predictably, not yet been able to secure employment for the summer, which is going to make the next little while something of a pain. I'd really like to actually gain some relevant work experience for once, but I can't really afford to be too picky for too long, especially since I'm moving out in two weeks.

On the bright side, I'm moving out in two weeks. :)