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Paging Mr. Know-It-All

So I took Mom out to dinner for Mother's Day tonight (since I'll be busy tomorrow with Sam coming back from New Brunswick), after finally managing to get her to choose what sort of food she actually wanted to eat. We went to the Fish Market in Byward, somewhere I'd always wanted to try, and it turned out rather well all told. I liked my blackened Cajun swordfish, and it was very generously seasoned

The Market in general was bustling, even more than I expected for a Saturday night in May. I guess this winter gave the entire city an acute case of cabin fever. That said, it was a beautiful day to be out and about. I found myself cursing my good hearing when I had to firmly stamp down the urge to turn to the guy at the next table over and precisely explain why their explanation of the etymology of the term Zeitgeist was wrong, wrong, so very wrong, but otherwise it was all good.

Now, bed. Have to be up decently early tomorrow....errr, today now. :D