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When In Doubt, Kill It With Fire

No, I didn't mysteriously die in the move over the Victoria Day weekend. We're here now, so contact me for the new snail-mail address through whatever means appeals to you. Keep in mind that I won't be on IRC or IM for another few days, for reasons that will be explained at length (ad nauseam, even) below.

It's actually gone relatively well, all things considered. Sam's mother and brother came up to help us (mostly her. :D) move and set stuff up here. We even managed to find a bookshelf that could hold (with a certain amount of cheating, mind) all of both our collections. This, at least, has surprised me greatly. :D

I do definitely like the apartnment - it's a cozy little thing, and being located a ton closer to downtown makes going out slightly less of an all-consuming production. I still remember going out to a stand-up comedy show last week, and going all O_o when I realised that we'd left about an hour earlier than we needed because I was still used to scheduling around living in Elmvale.

The reason that almost nobody's heard from me in the past couple of weeks comes down to something that I really should have predicted - that getting the Internet hooked up would prove ridiculously difficult.

I wanted to go with Teksavvy, because what I've heard of them, I like, and they've earned a lot of publicity from the recent controversy with Bell's throttling policies - but that's another blog entry that I may or may not have already written.

In any case, getting ADSL meant we needed a landline  - plus, one would come in sort of handy in any case. So I ordered one from Teksavvy as well, since they offer it and it seemed like a good idea to get it all from one stop, only to find out that it wasn't working when we moved in.

The shiny Rogers stickers on the phone jacks suggested someone to blame for this - and, actually, I sort of remembered having a similar problem when we moved into my mom's house - when Rogers sets up their digital phone service, they do so by disconnecting every phone jack in the residence from the POTS lines. This is all well and good in a detached dwelling, I suppose, but when people move in and out as frequently as they do in apartments, it becomes a pain.

Anyway, a "friendly" Rogers rep came on Sunday to disconnect the previous tenant's cable, so I asked them about the phone line. They didn't offer to fix it, but they did offer to sign us up for Rogers Home Phone and Rogers Internet so they wouldn't have to. How generous of them!

So that meant we had to call Bell. Some of you may be hearing ominous music by now. This was, in fact, fully justified. After four days, four arranged visits, two actual visits, three phone calls to Bell, four or five to Teksavvy after it turned out that I could neither arrange, or check on, line repairs directly through Bell because I wasn't their direct customer...a tech finally showed up Thursday morning, fixed our line in fifteen minutes, and left.

I got a call that evening saying that the DSL, which would have gone active that day if the phone had been working on time, would have to be reordered because my phone line hadn't been active yet. I couldn't even pretend to be surprised. Fast forward to today, when the DSL would have gone active if it had been reordered last Thursday. Except, of course, that it hadn't - I guess because I hadn't thought to inform them that the line had been fixed, and neither had Bell until yesterday.

Fast forward five days...oh, wait. :(

Luckily, we have some generous or clueless neighbours with open wi-fi in the  meantime, but it's too unreliable to do much more than occasional browsing with, so here we are. I wonder if it'll suffice to authenticate Mass Effect with...if I can get a hold of a copy before next week, anyway.

Yes, I did pre-order online (shut up, Nathan. :P) but, of course, it's showing as out of stock, so, since I have to go out tomorrow anyway, I may as well swing by EB and see if there's a copy lying around.

The odds are, as usual, not good.

And no, no success on the job search yet either, but I'll bitch about that another day, lest my cup runneth over. Later, all.