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Facebook has an option to duplicate my posts here as notes there, which is handy, but there are times I wish there was a way to merge comment threads as well. My last post sparked an interesting-ish discussion with an old classmate of mine who rather eloquently (if perhaps unnecessarily) took up the defense of WoW, and I might have liked to see how the two conversations might have interacted. Alas and alack.

I had a nice, several-paragraph-long apologia for not posting for three weeks, then Firefox crashed and ate it, so I'll just sum it up as follows:
  • The Dark Knight is an incredibly intense action movie, tries and largely succeeds at looking into the greater ramifications of the explosions and combat on screen, and is an excellent follow-up to Batman Begins, which I lauded for doing more or less the same thing only less well.
  • Heath Ledger frankly stole the show with a surpassingly frightening portrayal of the Joker, he really managed to get what makes the character concept so powerful, and even if he'd survived he would probably have never surpassed this performance. 
  • In addition, the Watchmen trailer at the beginning has managed to a) inform me of a very promising future flick, b)  pique Samantha's interest in that graphic novel and the genre in particular, and c) finally make me get off my ass and read it...well, when she isn't reading it. :D
 I'm far from thrilled at not managing to find work this summer, but at this point I've more or less accepted it. What's left is to run out the string on August and head back to class in September, to polish up my transcript for second-year summer hires. My sister's in town to visit, which will make this denouement a little bit more interesting, but I've actually kind of been looking forward to it. It's easier to miss someone when they're actually away.

There. Backlog cleared, on with the show. Such as it is.