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Stephen Harper: Not A Leader

So it looks like Harper is going to blink on the vote subsidy.

Which is all well and good, and it removes the "impending apocalypse" impetus that was so visibly serving to drive the Opposition to band together (as an aside from that link: oh Jean Chretien, you cagey card. Come back, we miss you.) This might be enough to save the government from falling - but I emphasize might, and Paul Wells offers some insight as to why that is worth reading for snark alone.

Parliament has been sitting for a week, and Harper chose to use the first major decision point of this term to advance the odd symbolic gesture, propose a staggeringly bad idea that could only be motivated by ideology run amok (a major asset sale during a recession? Seriously?), and, oh yes, try and headshot the opposition parties - as opposed to either putting forward something genuinely useful or even just keeping Jim Flaherty's mouth shut.

He didn't do this because he needed to, but because he could, and because it was oh-so-clever of him. Playing vindictive political games at times like these? Nobody in Opposition should trust that he has any intention to work with them as a minority PM, or indeed to put the welfare of the country above winning the game up on the Hill and securing his Permanent Conservative Majority pipe dream.

So yes, they might well think they're better off cobbling together a coalition, however ungainly, and taking it to the Governor General as an alternative to yet another election. God knows I do.

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