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Nobody's Finest Hour

So I did finish that paper, but in the process I missed a deadline (with no late submissions barring exceptions from administration) for a less-critical but still important assignment in one of my better classes. So I'm not happy with myself.

On the bright side, Ral was over last night and helped me set up my new TV and its shiny black stand. Not the Xbox 360, though, that was all me. :D And I even managed to get it playing Xvid/DivX videos. Iit doesn't play them out of the box, annoyingly (technically, it still doesn't play them), but Google showed me the way, so now I can play stream video from my computer to my TV, which is actually big enough to beat my computer as a viewing platform.

Frankly, I probably shouldn't have spent all that I did (call it my own miniature stimulus package), but it's probably going to be the biggest purchase I make before I graduate, so I guess I can live with myself. Those of you who also have Xboxen, feel free to add me to your Live lists or post your tags in comments. No prize for guessing my gamertag. (hint, it's two words and it's not my real name. :P). I have Soul Calibur 4, Rock Band 2, GTA 4, Fable II, NHL 09 (one of these things is not like the others...), and the two Holiday Bundle games that shall not be spoken of again.

I guess on balance things are going well again. Exams start mid-next week, so I'm spending the weekend prepping and summarising, but at least now I can get some sleep. It looks like OC Transpo might be going on strike, but I'm even managing to look on the bright side of that: if it had been during classes instead of exams, I'd probably have missed more class than I actually did, but without the lesson of feeling guilty for it. :D As it stands, I can cab to exams if need be - just need to make sure to leave early, because I'm sure plenty of people will have the same idea.


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Dec. 6th, 2008 01:54 am (UTC)
Excellent, time for some epic-ownage!
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