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The Mittani Sends His Regards

And now I remind you all that I'm a hopeless geek. :P

Here are some EVE-Online space control maps from yesterday and today (click for larger versions).

Spot the difference.

Some EPIC sabotage went down last night. I've been lagging in my series of tales from New Eden - but, for some context, in the past couple of months, we in GoonSwarm (southeast, yellow) had been fighting a slow defensive war against, among others, our former friends AAA (southeast, green) and our longtime enemies (from the Great Eve War) Band of Brothers (southwest, blue - but only on the first map!) - the latter of whom were fresh off an unsuccessful campaign in the North whose launch you might perhaps have read about.

Most of our more veteran players (of whom, I am beginning to realise, I am one - 32 million skillpoints on my main and two-plus years in game) have noticed a certain decline in BOB since they fought us off in Delve a year ago, and the various leaks of infighting from their forums serve as evidence (along with their hilarious failures in the North such as losing three Titans in a week, or failing to take a system last month even after using a top-level spy to disable all our starbases), but it came to a head recently when a director (basically, an alternate CEO) in one of their member corporations turned his coat, disgruntled with the current state of BOB and deciding he liked our side better.

Actually, two of their member corporations - one was Black Nova (one of the main BOB corps),, one was Tin Foil, the shell corp that had control of the "alliance" itself, and all its associated infrastructure.  Our enemies had gotten this level of access and used it to...well, to not seize a single system. The Mittani, our infamous spymaster, decided to think bigger. (hear his account here)

So...BOB, as a registered ingame alliance, no longer exists - they can reform the alliance in a day (though it might taker longer or even not happen, given the internal chaos we've been seeing), but the three regions and hundred-odd individual systems they held are stripped of the defences (jammers to block enemy capital ships from getting in, jump bridges for faster movement, bonuses for friendly starbases) that held us off last year. Already there's a huge "land rush" mentality into the southwest (not just on our parts - there are tons of smaller gangs just swarming in to pick people off in the chaos), and an even larger morale swing (this part is mostly ours).

What a day to have off. :D I love this game.


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Feb. 6th, 2009 03:35 pm (UTC)
Holy fricking crap. A bunch of people were talking about some big Eve thing on #cobol yesterday, but I couldn't figure out precisely what it was.

That is insane.
Feb. 6th, 2009 03:56 pm (UTC)
Oh, it was all over the Internet yesterday, and the relevant threads at SA went into hyperdrive. I'm surprised you managed to avoid hearing it. :P
Feb. 7th, 2009 07:27 am (UTC)
Heck even I read about it and found it absolutely fascinating! You think there would be a safeguard in place to prevent a single guy from disbanding the alliance. But, totally epic!

You're one of the Goons?
Feb. 7th, 2009 02:16 pm (UTC)
You think there would be a safeguard in place to prevent a single guy from disbanding the alliance.

You'd think so! I can't say there were or weren't (I've never run a corp myself, though the corp/alliance management controls are hated by pretty much everyone who has), but I'm sure there soon will be after something like this.

As for me - well, the corp I fly with is part of the Goon alliance, but it's not the main Goon corp from SA itself.
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