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Keeping The Faith

I wish that I had a better source for quotes than the Star, but I'm still interested in learning more about this speech that our esteemed prime minister apparently gave last night, if only because Harper's aides tried to hide it (funny how that works!). The Conservative blogger's entry (though "libertarian blogger" is probably more accurate) that the Star refers to is here.  It would appear that he's looking to his back, and the sorts of people that read Coyne's "death of conservatism" column and took it a little too seriously for the PMO to be comfortable.

The conflict between "true believers" and "pragmatists" is going to emerge in any party that actually espouses an ideology under our broken electoral system (insert token snark about the LPC here), because our system rewards big-tent parties that can assemble a broad base of support. Harper and the CPC are on the verge of having broadened enough to accomplish their goal, but it's taken a lot of actions that I doubt they ever expected they would do, or even believe in doing. It may well be that they've stretched too far, and that staying in power, and the occasional thrown bone, is what keeps their coalition together.

As tempting as comparisons to the current madness in the U.S. Republican party are, there are a lot of unique circumstances there that prevent them being useful, so I suspect that all I can say is that time will tell.
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