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Long Time, No Blog

My summers are always bad times for the blog. Mostly because I have nothing to write about - school's out, work is either nonexistent or best not spoken of (learned that lesson, thank you), and my personal life has tended towards the quiet in the past, barring certain memorable moments.

This year is a "work: mostly nonexistent" year, and my personal life is...well, those of you I expect to care already know, but suffice to say that even if you call it "interesting", it's not been interesting in the sense that makes for anything I feel comfortable writing about for a public audience. And Canadian parliamentary politics? Frankly,  they're embarassing at this point and I can count the participants that actually deserve any more exposure than they already get on one hand, two at most.

With the special bonus this year that all the pithy little things I might think about posting about on the spur of the moment end up as Facebook statuses, Twitter updates or both - I've always tended to save LJ for more drawn out ramblings, but what happens when those dry up? Well, I look silly, yes, but besides that.

I'll try and update you all, though, clear my backlog and attempt to make yet another start. (how many is this now?)

In addition to the IP journal I've been working with, I've done a touch of work for CIPPIC, though not related to their role before the CRTC's traffic management hearings (which I've been listening to when I get a chance, as an aside, and following on Twitter.)

I've got all my courses for my last year of law school - having done most of my required stuff last year, I got to choose basically everything, and thus ended up with courses on telecommunications, US Constitutional law (from the same prof that did my Canadian Constitutuonal Law class, at that, with hopefully much better results), EU law, "the law of robotics", and various other academic draws. If I were smart and keeping an eye forward to post-graduation employement (yay recession, yay ridiculous shortage of articling positions compared to graduating class size), I might swap one of them out for Wills or Trusts or some such. This reflex is why I'm taking Business Organisations.

But really, I think I only want enough of the "black letter" courses to underpin what I actually want to do - I'm less interested in "being a lawyer" than in "working with interesting topics". If I don't end up working in some firm's IP/telecom practice, or at the CRTC, or at CIPPIC/PIAC/some such group, or inhouse for a tech company, or somewhere along those lines that I'm sure you can extrapolate, then I actually can deal with finding some nonlegal job I would like better instead of writing wills for a living. I've learned a lot in law school, about the law and about myself, and I don't regret coming, and I don't even regret the extra debt (yet. :D), but what I said before I wrote the LSAT is still true - my conception of my future isn't necessarily as a lawyer. I wrote the LSAT on what is best described as a lark, after all. My summer job search/articling job search hasn't gone particularly well (despite branching it out a bit to Vancouver as well), which is part of why I'm waxing philosophical about all this right now, but there isn't much I can do about that besides tweak cover letters and keep an eye out for ways to enhance my resume.

Aside from that....well, Samantha and the puppy have returned from whence they came, so it's just me and an all-growed-up Penelope in the apartment right now. I've been trying, with a surprising amount of success (I actually get out more than my sister these days, which she recounts with chagrin) to be more social and get out of the house more - though I'm still kind of out of the social loop at law school (for some reason that I again can't identify), I'm meeting some pretty cool non-law acquaintances, and generally having some good times. Even made it to Bluesfest last night (well, Thursday night, more accurately) to see a couple of shows with Natasha - she's been out of town a lot the last few months, and it was good to catch up with her, and even better to see Metric live.

My sister is finally learning to drive, and I'm making an attempt at studying for the learner's exam as well - keeping in mind that this is all subject to a vision test which, for me, is actually in doubt. :) Also, at her...encouragement, I've replaced my trusty cane on a trial basis with a pair of forearm crutches. I can has balance? Perhaps! In other "new toy" news - I finally got myself a smartphone, but, me being me, I went for a Google Android-based phone (specifically, the HTC Magic - I kind of wanted to wait for the Hero, but I couldn't trust that a non-terrible Rogers data plan would be available outside the wake of the iPhone 3GS release.) So far, I'm loving it - like my sister says about her Blackberry, it's like having the world at your fingertips - and I love the potential for dramatic customisability. Like I was saying to Nathan, it's like the iPhone platform is the Mac and Android is the PC of smartphones. (and what's Blackberry in this masterful analogy? Hush.)

I think we're more or less caught up at this point, barring a bit (okay, a lot) of glossing over things, and it's getting crazy late out here yet again, so I think I shall head to bed. Adios, my slowly withering audience. :P



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Jul. 11th, 2009 03:12 pm (UTC)
>(despite branching it out a bit to Vancouver as well
I hear all the cool kids are moving to the West Coast. Just sayin'. :D
Jul. 11th, 2009 03:20 pm (UTC)
They've been doing that for years, bud, you're behind the times. :P
Jul. 11th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
I'd have to read the bill or a more substantial article to really say anything worthwhile - I tend not to trust the "dumbing down" that the media tends to do on legal topics. I assume your issue is with the blasphemy provision?

EDIT: Blehh. What exactly did you expect me to think? :P The Irish constitution does require that blasphemy be punishable by law (among other religious elements thereof), but this can and likely should be changed (that said, constitutional change here is a minefield, so I'm not going to shrug it off as trivial elsewhere.)

I say this from the outside, though, and as far as I recall Ireland's always been more sympathetic to religous-based law than most Western countries. I'd prefer that the outrage that pushes back against it come from inside rather than outside the country, however - cultural imperialism leaves a bad taste in my mouth. (that said, a quick trawl of Google News suggests that they're doing a fair job on their own.)

In general, my line on restrictions of speech verges around "fire in a crowded theatre" or "inciting violence" (possibly violent hatred, but I'm iffy there), rather than "insulting the easily offended".

Edited at 2009-07-11 06:59 pm (UTC)
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