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The No True Gothsman Fallacy

Not for the first time, I reflect that laundry day would be significantly less complicated (and even a little cheaper?) if I just gave up on the single-digit percentage of white clothing I still own.

So I'm 25. How appalling.

My birthday weekend was actually pretty relaxing and I've bounced back from it with some new motivation, for all that I didn't throw my own party this time around. (mostly because I couldn't be arsed to manuever it around both my schoolwork and all the Halloween festivities that are so much more common now that we're all adults and use this week as an excuse for glorious and welcome debauchery). Went to rumor_esq and amaena's Halloween party Saturday (and dragged gray_dorian along on a hunch), at which I learned several things:
  • You really can't eat just one when amaena is involved. Whatever it is, the answer is no.
  • Masks are far better on the outside looking in, especially where there's so much food and drink to be found.
  • IRC and Livejournal are still the kings. Now get off my lawn.
  • It has, in fact, been too long since I was at the right sort of party.

Thanks for the invite to a good one.

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