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And All That Could Have Been

It's a pleasant surprise to be done paying for the laptop I bought three years ago - but what would have been really great is if said laptop hadn't died three months before I finished paying for it.

That aside, though, this has actually been one of the better weeks I've had in a while.

  • Finally free of my bar exams. Solicitor's was a bunch of material I hadn't really learned in school and will ideally never use in my future career, but despite that it actually went a lot better than I was afraid it would.

  • Making genuine progress on my job search. Even though both the leads I have are short-term, they're both very interesting jobs that I'd be glad to take even if I didn't need the money as much as I do - doing legal/policy research at Elections Canada or a film industry trade organisation. One could almost say they're my first successes at networking - one I heard about through someone I'd interviewed with for a position I didn't get last fall, the other from a prof in a course I'd done well in last year.

    I interviewed for the first of these yesterday, and I think it actually went pretty well, once I calmed down a bit (with the help of the in-all-ways-awesome-but-herein-unnamed lead lawyer who was running the interview, who I've interviewed with before, and evidently left a good-if-slightly-flawed impression on back then since when I contacted her for advice on a completely different job I've applied for she suggested I come in again...) I do need to work on my interview jitters, I guess, but I don't blame myself too fiercely for letting the "oh god oh god I need to fnd something or else I'll be moving back home, buried in the debts I incurred to get this far" state of mind get to me a little. Maybe I'm spending too much time reading the law school thread on Something Awful. (subtitle: "Started Out Barrister, Ended Up Barista")

  • Catching up with some intriguing (if occasionally perplexing) new friends I've made while I should have been studying for the ludicrous number of exams I've had to write since April

  • And, of course, the World Cup starting yesterday with some very exciting matches (hilarious failures of finishing aside). Between my shiny HDTV and the occasional pub trip (possibly with one of said intriguing new friends...), the next month is going to be grand, if I can avoid choking on food or drink in response to any more English goalkeeping blunders...

  • Admittedly, the employment and finances situation is giving me a fair bit to worry about, but if I keep having days like the past few, I'll at least be facing doom with a smile.
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