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  • Wed, 12:29: RT @TelegramJames: At this point, I think people are mostly still calling it "The God Particle" because it's fun to annoy geeks.
  • Wed, 23:55: RT @reneeyoxon: New message on @okcupid: "What does queer mean and what's wrong with the patriarchy?" Protip: I will never date you.
  • Thu, 10:08: RT @GrantWahl: Hard not to look forward to summer of 2016 if there's a 16-team Copa Am�ricas in the US & Euro 2016 in France (16 bet ...
  • Thu, 10:16: @wickdchiq On the bright side, anything that annoys Piers Morgan this much can't be all bad? http://t.co/a5qTeEQM