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  • Sun, 12:39: Slept in and just caught up with the Spurs match: wow. So sorry for ever doubting Defoe during the fall silly season! @IAmJermainDefoe #coys
  • Sun, 21:01: Somebody stop me before I listen to this Lana Del Rey song again, it's been on repeat for the last hour.
  • Sun, 22:32: RT @mc79hockey: Cheer up @nenshi. You're definitely still gonna be mayor on Tuesday.
  • Mon, 09:12: I think Ford will skate: judges will move heaven and earth to avoid applying a (let's be honest) wildly disproportionate mandatory minimum.
  • Mon, 10:21: RT @kady: It's the best thing we've done as a species. @glen_mcgregor: God, I love Twitter RT @NPsteve: YES WE CANX http://t.co/n2Y3AgsP
  • Mon, 10:25: @carrnr Seriously, what is taking them so long? I have work to do goddamnit!
  • Mon, 10:33: RT @ddale8: Breaking: Mayor Rob Ford has been KICKED OUT OF OFFICE. Details to come.
  • Mon, 10:39: RT @justinwolfers: Wow, the Bank of England appoints the head of the Bank of Canada to be the new governor. There's an international tra ...
  • Mon, 10:58: RT @ddale8: An irony: Ford, who rose on the strength of his concern about nickles and dimes, has fallen on nickles and dimes: $3,150.
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