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My tweets

  • Thu, 15:09: RT @TabathaSouthey: First year women's studies is a dangerous weapon in the wrong hands.
  • Thu, 15:54: Oh, Spurs, never change. (please, please, change.)
  • Thu, 16:00: RT @JamesHorncastle: The great thing about this tie is both sets of fans are saying: typical Spurs, typical Inter
  • Thu, 16:11: Adebayor saving himself from the next rocket to the Sun. Gallas, on the other hand...
  • Thu, 16:34: Can we check if Arsenal is still paying Gallas somehow?
  • Thu, 18:54: Maybe we should have kept them? :P RT @WhitecapsMatch Residency products lead @UBCTbirds over 'Caps Reserves.
  • Thu, 19:10: Hmm, what could POSSIBLY have caused Steam to put both Tropico 4 and Anno 2070 on sale in the same week?
  • Thu, 19:48: RT @DougSaunders: Today is "pi day" if you live in that one country in the entire world that writes its dates with the month first and t ...
  • Thu, 23:01: RT @alex_navarro: Try punching it harder. RT @chrisbrown: "Chivalry aint dead"
  • Fri, 10:01: I'd like to thank Ouellet for bowing out and sparing the inevitably masturbatory "Canadian Pope" media coverage. http://t.co/S8RKfuZfOv
  • Fri, 10:28: RT @RedAloud: There are parts of my previous job I miss - listening to 'Cdn b'casters' complain about CanCon is not one of them. http:/ ...
  • Fri, 11:27: Thinking I could get away with not wearing boots today is suddenly not seeming like the smartest idea.