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  • Mon, 15:08: Nigeria really don't deserve to be up on Tahiti here, the game's been a lot more even than anyone expected.
  • Mon, 15:11: Okay, that one was definitely deserved.
  • Mon, 15:47: RT @RudiSchuller: What's endearing about this Tahitian side is that they are actually trying to play football when they get possession.
  • Mon, 16:17: RT @Lord_Bob: "God, I can't believe minnows like Tahiti are allowed to disgrace major tournaments like this" writes somebody who should be …
  • Mon, 16:23: All credit to Tahiti, but Nigeria are playing far beneath their potential (don't they always?) and Spain will slaughter them on this form.
  • Mon, 17:52: I don't know who could possibly trust Ottawa drivers enough to cross the Mackenzie King bridge against the lights at rush hour.
  • Tue, 09:23: Pomp and circumstance and pomp. (@ National Arts Centre - Centre National des Arts - @canadasnac) http://t.co/0jP7znyD2v
  • Tue, 10:33: Leaving nothing to chance. #called2013 http://t.co/DOksUi2jTI