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It's a small fucking world.


I was all primed to not have to come in to Ipsos today, 'cause they were low on work, but that power outage in the East erased whole bunches of data at the head office, which leaves plenty of work for us poor drones. Color me fucking thrilled.

I'm hoping that Dave is out of town today (he inexplicably didn't tell me in advance), so that the game won't be running and I can see more of Jessi before she heads off to school and disappears for a week.

Hell, I'm just hoping she wakes up soon. *grins slightly*

My student loan and my schedule have both been...well, as close to finalized as I'm gonna get before I head off to school in September. :P I'll post them here when I feel like it.

I _did_ have a lot more to say, but I've weaseled out of saying it by procrastinating until most of it became untimely. Go me.

The rest shall be revealed in teasing driblets, as is also my style.


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