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My tweets

  • Thu, 12:05: I was expecting more balloons. RT @robyndoolittle: Inside the Toronto Star newsroom right now. http://t.co/1A8Qqv9Eup
  • Thu, 12:09: RT @modernmod: And you, sir. RT @johnjcook Robyn Doolittle, Kevin Donovan, Michael Cooke, Jayme Poisson and Toronto Star deserve a huge rou…
  • Thu, 12:30: Fellow leftish types, I know we're feeling all giddy today, but please stop trying to tenuously tie Harper to Ford, it's embarrassing.
  • Thu, 14:13: TIL that the M in M. Bison is for Montreal. RT @Alex_Panetta: 2/2 Know what we call your biggest news day in a decade? We call it Thursday.
  • Thu, 20:31: Someday you will find me, trapped beneath the landslide, with the champagne schadenfreude in the sky...
  • Fri, 01:53: RT @fagstein: Toronto Sun, 2012: "Belittling Ford's weight problems just plain mean" http://t.co/lQ9UlzVK2J - 2013: http://t.co/5MCnWqEyaz
  • Fri, 01:55: (also, jeet christ, who takes that picture and thinks "Imma save it, it'll come in handy someday!")
  • Fri, 10:10: RT @hrtbps: "Why not model for stock images?" they said. "What could possibly go wrong?" they said. http://t.co/oF8icpgsqp
  • Fri, 10:53: RT @djDolston: I like to think that my sports posts on FB are as confusing to the goths as my goth posts are as confusing to my sports geek…