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My tweets

  • Mon, 13:05: RT @JairusKhan: It's amazing to see people rallying behind Dylan. It bugs me how Sam Geimer's opinions of Polanski are totally handwaved aw…
  • Mon, 13:05: RT @JairusKhan: Like, if she hated him and wanted a boycott, we'd be all for it. But she's all "yeah no hard feelings, go see his movies" s…
  • Mon, 13:08: It's kind of unsettling to be on Twitter AT THE EXACT MOMENT when they roll out their new UI to me.
  • Mon, 13:08: RT @orfali: DO. NOT. PANIC. What to do when you get a media call if you're a bureaucrat. An emergency leaflet. #media #cdnpoli http://t.co/
  • Mon, 15:04: RT @stphnmaher: Any move to restrict third party advocacy would likely make Stephen Harper circa 2004 quite angry. http://t.co/M1mKE0SQOB
  • Tue, 10:40: RT @kady: Poilievre is going on and on about how anti-democratic the idea of subpoena power is. Only judges have it, he notes. #hw
  • Tue, 10:42: I am lucky I read that last tweet in the bathroom where I don't have to stifle my giggling.