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  • Wed, 12:25: If the Oilers really _do_ trade Hemsky today, I can only accept it because he deserves far better than that dumpster fire of a front office.
  • Wed, 12:31: RT @AndrewBerkshire: If that's what Hemsky is worth, the Habs should send a 1st round pick to Edmonton for Taylor Hall.
  • Wed, 17:09: ♫ Loving Falling Awake by Tarja - ♫ // http://t.co/9qlYQ4f0Hz
  • Wed, 17:24: Go home, Globe, you're drunk. RT @globeandmail: My girlfriend won’t give oral sex. What can I do? http://t.co/XOAjGPaIRU by @amberlym
  • Wed, 17:25: RT @FarAndWide: What a day, conservatives suddenly in favour of carbon taxes and lenient pot laws. Somebody pinch me! #bizarroworld
  • Thu, 07:44: Mme. Marois in awe at the speed. @davidcommon: Crimea parliament votes to become part of Russia. Vows to hold referendum in ten days.
  • Thu, 08:04: Snark aside: if Crimea clearly wants to go and Russia doesn't rig parl or popular votes (big ifs), is there any legitimately stopping them?
  • Thu, 09:36: If only any of these women had invented Bitcoin so Reddit would give a shit about their privacy. http://t.co/97nOFsytTy