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  • Tue, 13:49: I really should take the ice picks off my crutches, but Post-Edmonton Stress Disorder tells me that when I do it will promptly snow again.
  • Tue, 14:13: RT @id_gordon: A $5 million fine for Donald Sterling ($1.9 billion net worth) is like a $102 fine for the median American ($38,786).
  • Tue, 14:15: LRT: I'm all for fines that actually hurt, but I'm also for not comparing net worth to annual income while analogizing, so.... @id_gordon
  • Tue, 14:25: RT @AlexJamesFitz: SILVER POUNDS STERLING
  • Tue, 15:07: On an unrelated note, I love how English commentary crews maintain their hate-on for zonal marking even when they leave the PL.
  • Tue, 15:12: All right, Atletico, it's your turn now. (yes I know it's not over but seriously? It's probably over.)