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My tweets

  • Sun, 14:15: RT @kdonk: If the Raptors advance, I suspect MLSE will charge $1,000 plus an organ to see them play Lebron and co. in the second round.
  • Sun, 14:19: RT @GregoryMichael: May the 4th jokes that your friends think are hysterical not send someone into a murderous rampage.
  • Sun, 15:05: First Ontario campaign doorknocker. If I keep getting dragged into debates with them this will be a long, long month.
  • Sun, 15:13: I, for one, would rather celebrate today with classy Hepburn Google doodles than consistently awful Star Wars puns. http://t.co/LmUFgKnNCU
  • Sun, 21:07: Cersei has the best cockblock face. #GameOfThrones #FirstOfHisName
  • Mon, 01:00: RT @HemlockMartinis: I think Game of Thrones is the first show I've watched where sexual violence toward women is as endemic as it is in re…