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Friday the 13th? Unlucky? Bah.

On second thought, perhaps the mere thought that there are events that "must" make me feel sadness is a tiny bit insane. We're all different people, with different emotions and motivations, and the notion of mandatory mass grief is as ludicrous as the notion of mass hallucinations.

Right? Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better about myself. Who can tell?

Somewhere in the world, just then, a longed-for child was born, and somewhere a labourer died, leaving a farm grievously undermanned with the spring fields still to be ploughed and the crops all to be planted. A calamity beyond words.
-Guy Gavriel Kay, "Lord of Emperors"

That is the more poignant of two very fitting quotes from chapter 11 of this excellent book by Canadian fantasist Guy Gavriel Kay.

Upon further reflection, that description is a redundancy. All his books are excellent, and I recommend them to any of you with even a passing interest in fantasy literature. In fact, I insist you read them immediately, if not sooner. There will be a test. :)

Anyway, the other quote, from the beginning as the above is from the end of the chapter, is:

"It is true, undeniably, that the central moments of an age occur on the margins of the lives of most people. ...The death of Heladikos in a falling chariot, bringing fire from his father, cannot compete in significance with the theft of a sheep."

And that is the last thing I will ever write in this space on the subject of September 11th. If it isn't, may I be stuffed in a burlap sack and beaten until I forget my own name.

In happier news: "It's aliiiiivvveee!" My DSL service came up this morning, and I'm almost walking on air. And as a bonus, today is my shortest school day of the week! And my sister is working this evening! It's mine! All mine! MUHAHAHA!


If you will all excuse me, I have things to write and an identity to reclaim. You will hear from me again very soon.