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My tweets

  • Thu, 18:20: Living vicariously through the Sturm und Drang of my @ussoccer MNT fan acquaintances on World Cup selection day. Maybe us in four years?
  • Thu, 19:39: Upside to new crutches: my entire floor doesn't hear me coming anymore. Downside: vastly more difficult to pretend I'm a BattleMech.
  • Thu, 19:46: RT @MySecondEmpire: I've never cheered an American sports moment like I did for Donovan's goal. I had to take a Loyalty Oath to get back in…
  • Fri, 10:57: RT @InklessPW: My unpopular belief is that Albertans let their governments under - tax them, relative to the amount of government they plai…