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My tweets

  • Wed, 12:06: RT @Project_Orcon: "Quoting me on Twitter does not make you profound." - Maya Angelou
  • Wed, 12:07: RT @MikePMoffatt: Here’s the basic math error that ruins Tim Hudak’s Million Jobs Plan: Mike Moffatt http://t.co/sHLDTvROGc
  • Wed, 21:48: Klopas, without a hint of irony, complaining about the #canChamp refs. Let's just savour this moment.
  • Wed, 21:49: (also someone PLEASE PLEASE ask about Rivas because what the hell?) #canChamp
  • Wed, 22:03: RT @SimonDee_: Roméo Dallaire is a perfect example of what a Senator should look like. Probably the person I have the most respect for #cdn
  • Thu, 10:13: Someday I will break this habit of getting entangled with people who desperately need more help than I could ever give but have no one else.
  • Thu, 11:42: This @runofplay piece on the Williams sisters may be even MORE interesting after its surely frantic post-upset edits: http://t.co/ilYUz79fVW