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  • Thu, 16:34: Neymar hat trick: 1) booking for petulant tantrum, 2) skillful goal, 3) ? #WorldCup2014 #BrazilvsCroatia
  • Thu, 16:45: RT @Marcello: To all those hurling abuse at me for scoring an own goal, please re-direct your anger to @12MarceloV. Thank you
  • Thu, 16:47: We have a winner. RT @ATHEIST_Blessed: @DallanInvictus 3) 2nd yellow for diving?
  • Thu, 17:34: Ehhhhh. I'm not going to crucify the ref for that call. The Brazilian embellished the contact but Lovren always takes a risk touching him.
  • Thu, 17:35: RT @GrantWahl: SI editor is certified referee RT @MarkMravic As a defender, you cannot put your arm on a shoulder like that and dare the re…
  • Thu, 19:55: I voted for Kodos.
  • Thu, 21:36: CBC calls the election for the Liberals? Already? I haven't even opened my coping drinks!
  • Thu, 21:38: RT @EmmMacfarlane: No one campaigned better for the Liberals than Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath. #ONpoli
  • Thu, 22:03: I'd like to thank Andrea Horwath and Tim Hudak for bringing Ontario a strong, stable, vaguely progressive majority government. #oops
  • Thu, 22:54: RT @colbycosh: Hudak didn’t weep openly and wasn’t wearing a belt made of dynamite = classy