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My tweets

  • Sun, 13:52: Rafa 's gonna Rafa. #NEDvsMEX
  • Sun, 13:56: RT @RWhittall: I think this was one of those "yes foul but also Robben" pens.
  • Sun, 14:03: Yes, Robben sold the foul, but it WAS a foul and Marquez needs to be smarter than that (but, being Marquez, will never be.) #WorldCup2014
  • Sun, 14:03: RT @RyanRosenblatt: Graham Zusi putting Mexico in the World Cup was just a glorious long play to make Rafa Marquez the goat in the World Cu…
  • Sun, 14:17: RT @mc79hockey: Everyone complaining about how a penalty is too harsh for a foul in the box should think about what soccer’d look like if i…
  • Sun, 14:56: Re: #WorldCup water breaks - would people complaining about them rather have the game start five hours later? Because those are the choices.
  • Mon, 08:51: My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Lana Del Rey (88), Florence + the Machine (51) & Tarja (28) #mm http://t.co/AE2U8A9ea0
  • Mon, 10:15: I look like I've swam all the way to work, and in this humidity that's actually pretty close to accurate.
  • Mon, 10:47: RT @SCOTUSblog: Don’t overread Hobby Lobby. The Court makes clear women can still get coverage and it isn’t opening the door wide to religi…
  • Mon, 10:52: LRT: What a charming stand for a measured reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision. Alas, Twitter doesn't do "measured reactions". @taterpie